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Note: This page is a modified version of Robert Crooks' original Fixed-Width Fonts Page from his Guide to HomeSite.

As many HomeSite users will know by now, HomeSite 2.5+ uses a new editor control that requires fixed-width fonts. Since many users have found none of the fixed-width fonts available on their systems pleasing, some of the participants in the HomeSite Forum have been looking for better alternatives. I am providing information on these in the table below, and welcome additional ideas from others - please send the information by e-mail or post it in the HomeSite Forum.

Some Important Notes
  1. Before installing new fonts, close HomeSite; otherwise HomeSite will not recognize the new fonts until you close and reopen it.
  2. Some users have reported that some of these fonts do not show up in the HomeSite settings list after they are installed; I do not know the reason for this.
  3. Many of these fonts install by default to a program's directory; you may need to install them in the Windows95/NT font folder (in the Control Panel) before HomeSite will recognize them.
  4. Authors working in languages other than English need extended characters (such as letters with diacritical marks), which some fonts do not include. They would appreciate your checking that and including it in your comments when you submit new font information.

If you're looking for a really nice fixed-width font, try downloading Japanese or Chinese Simplified language support for Internet Explorer

Japanese support installs MS Gothic, a very nice fixed-width font. Chinese Simplified installs MS Hei. Extremely readable.

Note: You don't need the Japanese version of Internet Explorer. You only need the multi-language add-on for your English version of IE.

font name URL / status / cost comments
Commnet Commnet Home Page / included in Commnet32 (telnet client) / $29.95 (for the application) Very nice, clear, Arial-like font

Matchfonts / pay / Each pair is $19.95, available now by mail, soon by on-line order I haven't used these; the samples look very good, allowing for distortion in the graphics
HyperFont Lt & Dk HyperAccess Page / Included in HyperAccess for Win95/NT (general comm. client) / $69.95 (for the application), but the fonts can be downloaded separately from My own favorite: very clear and scalable. HyperAccess is a good communication package, but not worth buying just for the fonts. There is a demo version available for download -I don't know whether it installs the fonts, or un-installs them when you un-install the demo.
Lucida Console supplied with various microsoft products (winNT, MS Plus for Win95, distributed by Y&Y, included in many Microsoft products, see lists below / not free / ??? very nice non-serif font
Lucida Sans Typewriter distributed by Y&Y, included in the Microsoft TT font pack 1 / not free / ??? very nice font, similar to Lucida console, but slightly taller
Arial Alternative supplied by Microsoft especially for use with HyperTerminal. / It is located in the \OTHER\MINITEL folder on the Win95 CD, or at the official download site, or at this a direct link to the file itself: / free of charge Nice Arial substitute (some users find that HomeSite does not recognize this a fixed-width font -- appears to be a Windows problem)
Courier New included in many microsoft products / free at this site new Courier, but still Courier
Scriptorium Master Monospaced Text Fonts Collection includes 3 fonts, see Cincinnatus & Vidilex; purchase here / collection of 3 is $30, individual fonts $12 each No comments available
Elfring Soft fonts a pack of 28 monospaced fonts purchase here / The set costs $39.50 Nick was looking into licensing on these (see SansMono)
r_FTP font comes with Reflections One ver 4.2x; would need to be licensed through Walker Richer & Quinn. looks like a MS Sans Serif in bold).
VT100 installed with CRT telnet available through Tucows licensing status unknown reportedly looks pretty good
Terminal installed with NetTerm ( in telnet section) licensing status unknown no comments available
Wincommfont included with The Delrina Communications Suite, possibly with Winfax Pro / not free reported to be nice
Monospac 821 BT
Orator 10 BT
Orator 15 BT
Pica 10 BT
Prestige 12 BT
Corel Draw 6 CD-ROM / not free truetype fonts; look good; no missing characters
Letter Gothic installs with HP DeskJet 870CXi (may be the case for other HPs), no missing characters
DM Fixed Fonts Contributed by Daniel Marcial, a collection of fixed-width fonts for use with HomeSite. Not scalable TrueType fonts, but you may like these
Other useful information:
Quick reference table of Microsoft's free fonts for the Web (note: these are nice fonts, but only Courier and are fixed-width)
Fonts supplied with other products including Internet Explorer 3, Microsoft Windows 3.x, Win95, WinNT, Microsoft Plus!, Office, Adobe Type Manager 3.8, 3.9 and Deluxe 4.0, Apple Macintosh OS and UNIX. (Note: most of the fonts listed here are not fixed-width)
Free Truetype fonts from Microsoft (Note: most of the fonts listed here are not fixed-width)
If you go to the Internet Font Archives and search on "Monospace", you will see some very nice professional monospaced fonts listed. However, they are all on either:
  • the Bitstream 500 Font CD or the Bitstream Typeface Library
    1. CenturySchoolbookBT-Monospace
    2. Monospace821BT family
  • the Classic Fonts Library from Monotype
    1. ArialMonospacedMT family
Several of these are monospaced versions of Arial. They all look nicer than the average downloadable fonts. Note: Searching IFA for "mono" produced lots more, some of which are downloadable. Some notable ones:
  • in the the Expert 2000 Fantastic Fonts CD: HelvMono family
  • in the Key Fonts Plus for Windows CD: MonologueSSi family

(Thanks to Jeff Wilkinson for invaluable help in compiling this information.)

Page originally created by Robert Crooks, English Department, Bentley College,

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